Dizzy Dragons

From tales passed down by the elders, dragons were warned that humans were not to be trusted, even if they did possess humorous, creative and unique cultures and styles. Heeding the warnings all but a few dragons remained sequestered away; the ones that didn’t... a group of misfits known as ‘The Dizzy Dragons’.

About Dizzy Dragons


Deep underneath The Den lies the Mystical Chambers where magical powers dwell dormant. While the chambers were active, Dizzy Dragons who were brave enough to face the magic head on were fused, combining 2 dragons into 1. This brought to life new types of dragons, with some returning with never before seen traits.

About the fusion process

Dizzy Demons

Created by Deumos, an exiled Dizzy Dragon, The Dizzy Demons were created from the siphoning of excess energy emitted from the Fusion Chambers. With her army of Demons she plans to exact revenge on the Dizzy Den.

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