Dizzy Dragons

Dizzy Dragons is a collection of programmatically generated pixel art NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each Dragon is created from a pool of over 200 unique assets spanning across seven properties; Background, Color, Wings, Clothes, Mouth, Eyes, and Head.

A dragon’s rarity is based on these traits, with some being more rare than others. For example, there are only five Dragons with the Crystal Ball trait while there are 300 with the Cowboy Hat.

Interactive with this live NFT.

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Our initial public sale consisted of 7500 NFTs, which are now sold out, and can now only be purchased on the secondary market. While the Fusion event was happening the supply of Dizzy Dragons was not locked due to our combination mechanics which allows collectors to blend and customize two Dragons into one, reducing the overall dragon supply each time.

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Original Supply


Dragons Fused


Current Supply


Utility & Ownership

A Dizzy Dragon NFT is more than just an awesome collectible piece of art! They are a globally recognized PFP that holds true utility. Not only will you play a key role in the development of the Dizzy Dragons brand, you’ll also be able to participate in all of our community events, giveaways, receive airdrops, and more. Each NFT acts as an interoperable character within several metaverses and are your membership card into one of the best communities in the world.

Dizzy Dragons is currently building at the forefront of Web 3 and are continuing to expand our IP throughout both new and traditional media.


The journey has only just begun, and there's much more to come.

We've already accomplished a great deal in a short time: fusion, successful integrations into several metaverses / web3 games, IP expansion with the addition of Demons, creating an immersive Dizzy Den experience within The Sandbox and more. However this is just the beginning as the imaginative characters and unique blend of humor and heart make our Dizzy world a standout in the web3 space and beyond.

With the potential for further expansion into animations, comics, and gaming, the future is bright for Dizzy Dragons, and we're only just getting started.