Dizzy Demons

On the heels of the fusion event comes the greatest danger the Dizzy Dragons have ever faced… The Dizzy Demons.

After being banished from the Den for her questionable scientific practices Deumos has sworn revenge on those who’ve disgraced her. Harnessing soul fragments split during the Fusion process she is creating a frankenstein army of Dizzy Demons. Once complete she will begin her invasion and plans for dizzy domination.

Rarity Tiers

Each character design featured in this collection are brand new and original, created to further expand the Dizzy world. When minting a Dizzy Demon you have a chance at collecting one of the two generative tiers, known as the Minions and Brawlers, as well as a rare chance at collecting a special 1/1 Commander, Hero, or “Special” tier NFT.

Minion  Common (Tier 4)

The primary foot soldiers of Deumos. Where they lack in strength and intelligence they make up for in their vast numbers, nonstop energy and unending ability to annoy and demoralize their opponents through sheer absurdity.

Find out more on the Lore page.

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Dizzy Demons consists of 5,000 NFT’s of all new, original characters. Most Demons are created through the generative art process, however there are also several tiers of special 1/1 characters.

Dizzy Demons represent an additional line of membership into the Dizzy community and can expect similar if not the same utility and access as the Dragons.

Claim: One free mint per fused Dizzy Dragon (while supplies last).

Minting is currently paused.

Demon claim eligibility can be seen directly on the NFT. This claim will transfer with all secondary purchases.

Utility & Ownership

Owning a Dizzy NFT gives you access to all of our communities and holder benefits, a completely unique digital identity with Interoperability across the worlds leading Web3 platforms, airdrops & giveaways and more.

Owning a Dizzy Dragon or Demon grants you commercial rights.