Deep within the Dizzy Den lies an ancient and mysterious cavern known as the Mystical Chambers. Filled with precious stones and relics from the past, this cavern has long been the subject of speculation and debate among the dragon community. However, all doubts were put to rest when the Mystical Chambers activated, unlocking the Fusion ritual for all dragons.

Fusion is a revolutionary process that allows the merging of two dragons into one unique and powerful creature. With Fusion you can combine the best traits of your two favorite dragons or take a chance and randomly generate new traits, giving you the opportunity to discover and create something truly special.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the world of Dizzy Dragons, Fusion offers an exciting and rare opportunity to personalize not just your collection, but the Dizzy Dragons collection itself. To date, 1907 Fusions have taken place, meaning 1907 of the NFTs in the Dizzy Dragons collection were created by the community.

Interactive with this live NFT.

 Fusion is currently closed


Customizable NFTs

While the Fusion window is open two Dizzy Dragons can be combined and customized into a new Fused Dragon.

For each trait (Clothes, Headwear, Skin, etc.), there are three options. Keep trait from Dragon A, keep trait from Dragon B, or a ‘Fusion’ randomized option.

After making a selection for each of the 7 categories you will be able to Fuse.

For more info read the Fusion Guide.

Supply Reduction

Fusion is a deflationary method that reduces the total supply of Dizzy Dragons and specific traits. For every two Dragons fused, one Dragon is created. The original NFTs are burned and a new one is minted instantly.

Fusion traits

Several new traits were added to the collection that are only obtainable through Fusion. Selecting the “Fusion” randomized option for a trait may result in obtaining one of the following: