The Dizzy Dragons have planted their claws deep in the soil of the Pixels world! Come farm with the dizziest community in Pixels and see what we've got buzzing! With unlimited adventure, endless opportunities to master new skills, and the chance to play with friends Pixels provides an optimal Web3 gaming experience..

But it's not just about adventure and fun, you also get to bring life to your land by managing crops, tending to your bee’s and much more! Create your own farm and build it up to be the best in the Pixels world or get dizzy with the rest of the dragons and much on some good ol’ Scarrot Pies!

Farming metaverse

Experience the Pixels game, participate in special events and parties as your Dizzy Dragon.





Dizzy Dragon are fully interoperable in Pixels meaning each NFT also acts as a playable avatar within this metaverse. Sprite sheets for this integration were drawn by founder and artist RobLevyPixels.

Dizzy Dragons Farm
#264 and #666

To visit the farms - enter the game and locate the Ministry of Innovation building in South Terravilla. Inside, click on the red Infiniportal and type in the farm number.

Dizzy Dragons
Dizzy Dragons