Worldwide Webb 3 is a revolutionary game that uses NFTs for in-game avatars, pets, lands, items, and even quests, taking your gaming experience to the next level.

Though the game is currently in Early-Access Alpha, it already has a ton of features live including fishing, mining, crafting and the survival style game - Rug Busters. The Dizzy Dragons are among the first fully interoperable collections in the game, allowing players to explore WWW3 in true dizzy form!

With endless possibilities and the chance to own unique NFTs, start your dizzy adventure today and be among the first to experience this cutting-edge game!

Enter the metaverse

Dizzy Dragon NFTs act as your playable character within the WorldWideWebb 3 metaverse. Experience the game, participate in special events and parties as your Dizzy Dragon.




Avatars + Custom Assets

Dizzy Dragon are fully interoperable in Worldwide Webb 3 meaning each NFT also acts as a playable avatar within this metaverse. Sprite sheets for this intergration were drawn by founder and artist RobLevyPixels.

👆Choose a Dragon to see it's animated WW3 sprite

Dizzy Dragons Apartment #8206

To visit the apartment - enter the game and locate the Apartment complex in the North part of the main city. Dizzy Dragons

Click on the door and type in our apartment code to enter